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Type 2 (General: Multiple Stat) - LDoN general multi-stats Type 3 (General: Spell Effect) - LDoN aug that has only focus effects or melee effects on it; or introduced with SoF are the augs that give a bonus to spells. Type 4 (Weapon: General) - This slot is only found on weapons.

Character Slots (EQ2) :: Wiki :: EverQuest II :: ZAM As of October 5, 2010, it is possible to buy extra character slots on the Marketplace for a one-time fee of 1000 Station Cash, or $10 USD. Slots are permanent. You pay for them once and they stay on your account forever. You can purchase as many character slots as you like. Character slots are not shared between EQ2 Live and EQ2X. Slot 2 Type ?, slot 3 augs - prewevscotor Type 2 LDoN crafted/AP purchased armor Type 3 LDoN AP purchased armor; GoD quested armors Type 4 Weapons Type 5 LDoN purchased weapons Type 6 LDoN purchased weapons free slots no download required, augs for type 6 are weapon restrictive (e.g. 1h only or min delay)? Type 7 General slot on most worn items Type 8 Specific items from GoD/OoW/DoN ...

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Augmentation Types | EverQuest Forums Yther Augur. type 1 (General: Single Stat) LDoN Armor :: LDoN Augs. type 2 (General: Multiple Stat) LDoN Armor :: LDoN Augs. type 3 (General: Spell Effect) LDoN and SoF+ Armors :: LDoN Augs, SoF+ Purchased Foci Augs. type 4 (Weapon: General) General Group Weapons :: General Group level Weapon Augs. Buffs & Debuffs - Zliz's EverQuest Compendium - zlizeq.com Buffs & Debuffs. This brings the total possible buff slot amount to 15 + 20 + 1 = 36. Debuffs also take up buff slots. If all your buff slots are filled and someone (or yourself) attempts to cast a new buff on you, the spell will not take hold and the caste will receive the message Your spell did not take hold.

How hard is it to put the fact that 3 conc slots will be used in the [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] discription? Since 1/ 2 of being a Fury is buffs thisCharm animal is well worth the 3 conc slot, believe me, provided you're under lvl 60. The major problem is the lack of animals in KoS. In PoF this AA is...

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Stylosa goes back in time and plays Everquest 2 on the Time Locked Expansion Server. This new addition to Everquest 2 allows players to go back to the past...

EQ:Items Augmentation :: Wiki :: EverQuest :: ZAM This is a special aug type for special ornamentations, primarily Hero's Forge ornamentations. The next thing to notice, is the enumerated series of slots and their types at the bottom of the inspection window. The series always starts with slot 1, and continues upwards with additional slots. The type next to the slot number is the key part however. eq:Empires of Kunark Augments :: Wiki :: EverQuest :: ZAM Augment Name AC Wis Int Char HP Mana End Mana Regen Clairvoyance Spell Damage Heal Amount Aug Slot Type; Vakov's Pendant of Obscurity: 0+14 : 0+14 : 0+10 Augmentations | Fanra's EverQuest Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Jul 09, 2013 · These mercenaries are estimated to have a reset timer of 3-4 days once one is hired. Update: July 31, 2015 the hiring fee for elite mercs at level 90+ is 5 plat, and the upkeep fee is 50 gold every 30 minutes real time. This scales for lower levels, and around level 40 is 2 plat to hire and 20 gold upkeep every 30 minutes.

Elm strongboxes – это очень тяжелые сундучки на 7-8 слотов – нетрудно сделать и сам бог велел держать их в Банке для хранения лута и т.д. Использование атакующего спелла на однопартийце атакует того монстряку, которого ваш соратник в данный момент мочит. EverQuest 2 EverQuest 2 (сиквелл MMORPG EverQuest) возвращает участников в реальность Норрат спустя пять столетий после первых событий.В EverQuest 2 - 16 существующих рас и 24 класса для генерации уникального героя, а также 160 видов монстров. Установка — Энциклопедия EverQuest II