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While a person is on or fishing in the waters listed below, all walleye in possession ... above length limits may be possessed with documented proof of fishing on Ontario waters of Rainy Lake. ... Walleye slot limits on Namakan Reservoir Lakes. Fisheries Management Zone 18 (Eastern Ontario) - Otty Lake ... Be aware of changes to walleye and bass regulations in 2013 for Fisheries ... In 2013, a new slot limit regulation for walleye is being implemented across all of Zone ... In addition to the new size-based regulations, changes have been made to. Conservation Policy - Silver Water Wheel Lodge Even though regulations do technically allow each angler to harvest one fish over the slot size, Silver Water Wheel Camp Policy goes one step further to insist ... Fishing Wolseley Bay - French River Lodge | Wolseley Lodge

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Gullrock Lake Fishing Adventures. Golden Hook Camp is located along the south east shores of Gullrock Bay. The bay has two feeder creeks coming in from the south. This begins the ice out and allows for some early season action. The fishing within bay and from our docks is consistent with large pike over 40" being caught and released. As the water warms. Minimum size limits on fish. - General Fishing Discussion ... Page 1 of 2 - Minimum size limits on fish. - posted in General Fishing Discussion: After reading the recent "white bucket " post about some people having 6 inch walleye in their bucket I have to wonder. People are really keeping tiny fish, I have seen it on the Grand, often. I really don't know how to get this started, or maybe I just did. I hope you guys and gals will help.

There is a slot size for walleye on Minnitaki Lake, including Abram, Duck, Hidden, Pelican, Botsford Lakes and the English River, Red Pine Bay, and Rice River. Walleye and Sauger - none between 46-53 cm (18.1-20.9 in.), not more than one greater than 53 cm (20.9 in.). No person may possess any live fish taken by angling other than baitfish.

These regulations apply to New York waters of Lake Erie, the Upper and Lower Niagara River, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, and designated sections of the tributaries to these waters. Tributary sections subject to these regulations are generally defined as the bridge closest to the mouth upstream to the first barrier impassable to fish. ZONE 7 34 - Ontario Open all year. C - 2 Northern Pike Open all year S - 6; not more than 2 greater than 61 cm (24 in.), of which not more than 1 greater than 86 cm (33.9 in.) *Aggregate limits apply to these species. See … FISHERIES MANAGEMENT ZONE 18 - files.ontario.ca Ontario are all females and they spend 10 to 30 plus years living in Ontario fresh waters. As eel mature they stop feeding and then begin their long journey back to the Sargasso Sea where they spawn and die. You are not allowed to keep an American eel if you catch one while fishing since they are an endangered species but the What are the slot sizes? | Frequently Asked Questions What are the slot sizes? For walleye, you are not allowed to keep any that are between 16.1” and 22”. You can only keep one larger than 22”, then rest must be smaller than 16.1”. For pike, you can can only have one larger than 34”, the rest must be smaller. Fishing Regulations:

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Fishing regulations on Lac Seul has initiated a slot size on both walleye and northern and since its inception each year has seen an increase in trophy fish.

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